Meher, As the key makeup artist, is a seasoned expert with over 10 years of experience . Having collaborated as a makeup expert In Bridal’s and grooming partner in several fashion show. Meher Also teaches the art of makeup to young aspirants in need of a guiding light in the industry. Famous among celebrity circles for her unparalleled level of skill and aesthetic precision, Meher’s immaculate work speaks for itself. As a Guinness world Record holder and recipient of the Women’s Achieve Award (2020).

Awards & Recognition


  • Ability to work at a fast past and under pressure
  • Working with different skin types and tones
  • Ability to work with clients and understanding theirn visual requirements
  • Strong knowledge of cosmetics
  • Ability to work on sets and working with HD cameras
  • Excellent make up application skills
  • Work well with a team
  • High levels of creativity


  • Article in Thangam Magazine 2016
  • Article in Vannathirai 2016
  •  Guinness Book of world record 2017
  • Trinity Award Mirror (Creator of Cleopatra Show) 2017
  • Published in Golf
  • White Shadow Magazine International 2018
  • Aal Padhi Aadai Padhi Guinness world record attempt for cancer through Fashion show as make-up and hairdo Artist
  • Women’s Achieve Award in 2020


  • Naturals Skills India Diploma in Beauty Culture 2015
  • IBS Diploma in Make-up 2015
  • The legend Ojas Rajani (Beautician Seminar) in 2016
  • Brijesh Kumar Hair Style course in 2017
  • Anam Siddique professional International Make-up and Hair styling seminar course in 2018
  • Jasmine Beauty care Master course in Make-up and Hair in 2020
  • Master Hair Style Course in AM Haircraft Academy 2021
  • George Kot International Academic Basic online Diploma course in Hairstyles 2021
  • The Professional Makeup Online Master Class by Makeup Expert Kennedy Hoffmann 2021
  • Twinkle Rajani Diploma in Makeup And Hairstyles 2021
  • Simmy Makwana Master Course in 2023
"Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through."